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Easy. Second time purchasing certificates for my wife. I love it and she enjoys it. Highly recommended.

(William F., 1,927 days ago)

LOVED my experience with Baby Belly ( 2 years ago) and now...I am buying a 2d package for a friend.....SUCH A GREAT PLACE!!!!

(Anonymous, 2,023 days ago)

Even though I'm now a grandmother, Baby Belly does such an excellent job with their massages, manicures and pedicures, that it is my " go to" spa. The staff is well trained , professional, and definitely make you feel pampered!

(Alice P., 2,044 days ago)

Baby Belly and the owner, Crystal, made each of my four pregnancies (all within four years) special. I'll never forget being able to share live images of my first baby with my mom and sister - who live on the other side of the country! Baby Belly has always been a clean, calm, up-to-date, professional place to experience relaxation! Pregnant, or not!

(Anonymous, 2,053 days ago)

Baby Belly is a great experience, pregnant or not. I've personally never had children, but love to indulge in some relaxation every once in awhile. The staff is very professional and friendly, and the environment is clean and relaxing. I would definitely recommend this Spa whether you are expecting or not. They offer services that cater to both. A nice massage, mani, and pedi and you're good to go. Thanks Baby Belly!

(Anonymous, 2,056 days ago)

When calling to find out info Crystal was very nice and informative!

(Anne B., 2,314 days ago)

This will be my forth grandbaby and we have been to the spa numerous times, always treated kindly.

(Cathy S., 1,300 days ago)

Love the staff and the facility.

(Cathy S., 1,783 days ago)

We were rushed in and rushed out. We were told they were so booked and we had to be in a hurry. I was three minutes late and missed the ultrasound. The spa needs to allow for at least 5-10 minutes so that everyone can arrive.

(Anonymous, 1,356 days ago)

Baby Belly Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Center Responds:
We do apologize if you felt rushed. We do specify when booking to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time to fill out your paperwork as to not cut into your service time. It is unfair to guests after you and the service providers to start the next appointment late due to the guest in front of them being late. Some clients get multiple services after their ultrasound so we cannot get behind as to not push the entire spa behind and upsetting all guests. I am not aware of anyone not actually getting their ultrasound since you say you "missed" the ultrasound? Since this was submitted anonymously I have no way to contact you to rectify. Again I do apologize for your inconvenience.

36 weeks pregnant and cashed in my pregnancy massage and hot stone pedicure. The massage was great but the pedicure was horrible. I will never go back. Tameeka was the one who did the pedicure and she was with another client while I waited in the chair. She kept having to redo things on the other client so she would go back and forth between her and me. I sat in the chair so long waiting for her that my water was cold, not warm but cold. Then when the other client was about to leave she dropped her phone and completely messed up her nail. So again I had to wait... at this point my hour long pedicure was more like 1 1/2. At one point I thought I was going to have to get up and leave Bc I could feel myself getting dizzy and I knew I needed to eat something(which was not their fault) but I didn't want to waste money that my husband had spent on this package. I felt very neglected and it was not relaxing at all. A normal pedicure at a salon would have been 1000x more enjoyable.

(Jenny M., 845 days ago)

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