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30-90 Days ago

I got the simply sweet 4D ultrasound on Sunday 03-04-18 seeing my son was great, I had been wanting to see him for a while now, but the ladyís bedside manner was very rude, she also was very rough with the wand, I have had ultrasounds before and never have they been so rough, I thought I was going to have to ask her to stop she was pushing so hard. she focused mainly on his face and couldnít get a decent shot the whole session, like other places didnít offer us to come back or anything he kept his hands up, but didnít show us any other part of his body, I have had a 3d/4D ultrasound with almost every one of my children and honestly this was the worst one yet. I will not be going back to this place.

(Crystal G., 52 days ago)

Baby Belly Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Center Responds:
We are very sorry you did not enjoy your experience and thank you for bringing this to our attention and allowing us to rectify the situation ASAP. We will see you again at your upcoming appointment and look forward to giving you the experience and results you deserve and that we expect.

Older reviews

I really love Baby Belly! This is my first pregnancy, with it I've had a lot of back pain. My husband gifted me with a 60 minute massage with Adrienne (to help with the pain/relax) and spray tan (so I could feel human lol), the massage was fantastic and the tan made me look like I just got back from vacation. I've been back since for an another massage with Sarah and just made an appointment for 2 more! Will absolutely take advantages of the services after baby gets here too!

(Emily C., 407 days ago)

I found out Thursday that I may have to be induced a week earlier than I thought, so the countdown to get labor going is on. Sarah helped me focus on getting Hunter to engage at yoga Friday night and we continued again at yoga tonight. He is visibly (and uncomfortably- in a good way!) much, much lower in my abdomen than he was before Friday night. Thank you Sarah!! If you're pregnant, come join us on Fridays and Sundays- it is so, so worth it!

(Anonymous, 415 days ago)

I have went to Baby Belly twice with this pregnancy, being my first of course. First visit was great! We did the just can't wait package and although the appointment was quick, we enjoyed it. With the next visit we used some of our storkredits we had received. My husband and I decided to get a couples massage.. It was SO worth it! The staff was very professional, nice, and inviting. We will be getting one more massage before we have our sweet baby girl.

(Brianna C., 446 days ago)

This was a very easy process allowing me to give a gift to my daughter who is 200 miles away. We went for the ultrasound with her and loved the place and the welcoming environment. Thank you for offering this to mothers to be.

(Teresa B., 478 days ago)

Great experience!

(Karole S., 513 days ago)

I went to my first massage ever and it was a pregnancy massage. It was wonderful. The staff was so nice and so informative about the massage since it was my first one. It made me feel so relaxed that I want to schedule another one before my baby is born. I recommend baby belly to anyone, pregnant or not pregnant.

(Elizabeth R., 689 days ago)

My wife has used Baby Belly for both pregnancy and post pregnancy services and are super pleased with their care and comfort.

(Donald S., 727 days ago)

Just recently went to Baby Belly Spa for the first time and had a wonderful experience! The staff was so nice and treated my family and I like we were a million bucks. We chose the Just cant wait 2d package for $99. Got great pictures of the baby and she was able to find out the gender of the baby fairly quickly. IT"S A GIRL! As far as the ultrasound part I would recommend this to any mommy who JUST CANT WAIT!

(Anonymous, 790 days ago)

I love all aspects of this place! Staff is friendly and respectful from the second you walk in, to the second you leave. I would always recommend Baby Belly over other all other Imaging Centers and Spas in the area. You can completely tell they care about their customers! Keep it up, BB!

(Anonymous, 902 days ago)

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