Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy causes unique physical changes as your body adapts to accommodate the growth of your baby. Massage therapy with a Prenatal Certified Medical Massage Therapist can help with many of these, including:

* sciatic nerve pain & leg cramping
* pain in muscles and joints
* constipation, gas, heartburn & congestion
* headaches
* round ligament pain
* stress and anxiety

Some insurance companies and MOST FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS COVER MASSAGE when ordered by a Physician and we accept Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Cards.  You can find a Form to download for your Physician's convenience to the right.


Massage Services

Perfect Pregnancy Massage

Our Kentucky Board Certified Massage Therapists have gone through intensive prenatal training and can provide a safe full body massage through ALL stages of pregnancy. They'll also help you choose the 100% natural massage oil best for your symptoms.

You can also customize your massage with a variety of Enhancers (see below).

60 minutes$79.00
60 minutes w/ One Enhancer$91.00
Package of 6 (one free)$395.00

Ultimate Pregnancy Massage

The Perfect Pregnancy Massage extended for an additional 30 minutes.

90 minutes$119.00
90 minutes w/ one enhancer$131.00
Package of 6 (one free)$595.00

Couples Massage

Spend some special time together before baby arrives. Couples Massage Package includes a side-by-side Perfect Pregnancy or Postpartum Massage for her and a Swedish Massage for him (may be upgraded to a Deep Tissue Massage at time of appointment for an additional $10.)

This is also a popular package for mothers and daughters and two friends.

60 min (pregnancy & swedish)$139.00
90 min (pregnancy & swedish)$219.00
60 min (postpartum & swedish) New Moms$129.00
90 min (postpartum & swedish) New Moms$209.00

Preconception Massage

Massage therapy can help facilitate the conception process physically by breaking up adhesions and increasing pelvic blood supply, and emotionally by reducing stress and cortisol levels..whether you are trying naturally or in conjunction with appropriate medical treatment. In fact, research shows the pregnancy rate for women treated with massage techniques prior to their next IVF transfer to be 63% higher than the national average success rate for IVF.

Furthermore, a study published in "Health Daily News" shows that women with high cortisol levels (a measure of stress) are three times more likely to miscarry during the first three weeks after conception. Massage therapy can significantly reduce cortisol levels and therefore the likelihood of a miscarriage.

60 minutes$69.00
Package of Six$345.00

Postpartum Massage

Following birth, common activities can put strain on your muscles and postural alignment. Our postpartum massages soothe over-used muscles and give you renewed strength and energy. Specially designed for the new mother, with healing and restoration as the focus. Our talented therapists will combine a variety of modalities to address your specific needs.

60 minutes$69.00
90 minutes$109.00

Swedish Massage

For anyone that is not pregnant... no, you don't have to be pregnant to enjoy our services. And, by the way, Dads need a little pampering too!

60 minutes$69.00
90 minutes$109.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment is great for non pregnant women and expecting dads who are experiencing tight/sore muscles. Our massage therapists are skilled at working out lactic acid build-up and soothing strained muscles.

60 minutes$79.00
90 minutes$119.00

Hot Stone Massage

Experience deep restorative relaxation and stress reduction through the precise placement of hot stones. Your therapist will use the heat from the stones and specific techniques to loosen tight muscles, increase circulation and induce a luxurious state of calm.

Available for non pregnant woman and men.

60 minutes$85.00
90 minutes$119.00

Raindrop Technique

This combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex- "vitality through the reflexes" and feather stroke massage in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body. Bring balance and harmony to the body- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

90 minutes$129.00

Massage Enhancers

Limit 1 per 60 minute service and 2 per 90 minute service.

Incredibly Shrinking Add-on

Must be added to a Massage/body treatment. Suffering from uncomfortable swelling in your hands, feet or legs? Our massage therapists can apply a special solution during your treatment that will work to reduce puffiness. Can also help with leg cramping and carpal tunnel.

Incredibly Shrinking Add-On$12.00

Paraffin for Hands or Feet

Must be added to a Massage/body treatment. Add a lavender paraffin treatment to your hands or feet while enjoying your massage for soft skin and a little added pampering.

Paraffin Hands or Feet $12.00

Goodbye Stretch Marks

Must be added to a Massage/body treatment. POSTPARTUM ONLY. Let us massage your belly with an application of our potent Goodbye Stretch Marks serum from Mama Mio.

Goodbye Stretch Marks $12.00

Breathe Easy Cold & Congestion Relief

Must be added to a Massage/body treatment. Our therapists will use essential oils and cold stone therapy to relieve your symptoms naturally.

Breathe Easy Cold & Congestion Relief $12.00

Headache Relief Therapy

Must be added to a Massage/body treatment. Our therapists will use essential oils and cold stone therapy to relieve your symptoms naturally.

Headache Relief Therapy $12.00

Hot Stones to Hands & Feet

Must be added to a Massage/body treatment. Add hot stones to your hand and foot massage to relieve the achiness associated with increased water retention.

Hot Stones to Hands & Feet $12.00

Vitamin K Eye Treatment

Must be added to a Massage/body treatment. Promotes circulation and decreases puffiness and discoloration under the eyes. The hydrating benefit also addresses fine lines and crow's feet.

Vitamin K Eye Treatment $12.00

You Glow Girl

Must be added to a Massage/body treatment. Rejuvinating massage to the face, neck, & scalp to help relieve sinus pressure and headaches while a steam treatment and warm towels will leave your face glowing. This service can also be enjoyed seperately for an additional $10.

You Glow Girl $39.00

Reviving Leg & Foot Treatment

Add this 25 minute treatment to your massage to provide much needed relief to those legs and feet. After a Sugar Scrub, Peppermint Tea Tree Foot Balm and Arnica Gel are used to massage the legs from the ankles toward the heart to help reduce swelling and improve circulation. By itself, this treatment would cost $45.

Reviving Leg & Foot Treatment Add-on$25.00